Burge-McLean Family History
"My father's a Burge, and my mother's a McLean..."

Welcome! My name is Val Burge of Sydney, NSW, Australia. This is the index to a history of both sides of my family tree - or as a friend said about it recently, my family 'forest'. 

It's about where they came from in Britain, who their ancestors were, their occupations, daily lives, some of their joys and tragedies, when and how they came to Australia, and what happened after that. The earliest I've managed to go back so far is to 1612 - but I'm working on it! 

I began my research in about 1992. At that time my father Lindsay Burge (since deceased) had already spent considerable time corresponding with various people in England, then searching records offices and parish records in Somerset whenever his travels took him near there. He was researching the Burges, so I focused on the McLeans. Since his death, I've taken on the whole family. It went slowly for ten years or so, but now the internet has taken off in a big way for researchers of family history, and my knowledge has grown enormously over the past few years. My current family history covers thousands of names, a dozen or so major family lines, and many smaller 'offshoots' to the main family tree. 

This began as simple curiosity, but for me turned into a labour of love, a way of knowing who I belong to. I'll never forget the moment, as an adult, standing in the middle of a cemetery surrounded by dozens of family graves, and knowing at last that I belonged. As a youngest child of a very much youngest child, I'd never had the opportunity to know even my grandparents, let alone any of their families. My father moved away from the village where my family settled in Australia when I was a young child, so I had all ties broken with my roots. I know them now!

This site is slowly growing, I'm working my way through the ancestors of four sets of great grandparents and their descendants - adding pages as the mood takes me.

Before Redbank, Lancefield, Ballarat, Geelong and the Barossa Valley in Australia, the major geographical areas are Frome, Whatley and Batheaston in Somerset, Dilton Marsh, Corsley and Corsham in Wiltshire, Peckham in London, Horsham in Sussex, Brown Candover in Hampshire, Dry Drayton in Cambridgeshire, Patshull, Albrighton, Beckbury, and Chelmarsh in Shropshire, Pattingham in Staffordshire, Ilfracombe and Berrynarbour in Devon - and a great great uncles line of the family in Mespotamia, Ohio, USA.

The Scots line are from the tiny isle of Taransay, in the Outer Hebrides and Fort William, both in Invernesshire.

I also have quite a few pages of early photographs of my families in Australia, as well as feature pages on some areas - see links below.

The people in my family are all ordinary people (with the possible exception of one who appears to have had a brush with royalty :-) See the Burge's in Batheaston!) I'm not writing out of a sense of enormous pride in an outstanding family, I'm not writing about anything out of the ordinary at all... The lives in these pages stand out purely by their ordinariness, it is the ordinary that's not recorded in history, the obscure that is lost. Many of these people have almost become lost to the world in general, and my direct family had no knowledge of most of them at all. It's a delight to me to put them all into one place, to have them available to my childen and those of my brothers, sister and many, many cousins... and all of my cousins were lost up until I started researching. Through researching these pages, I have come into contact with 'lost' family in Australia, but also in England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, America and New Zealand. Truly a worthy enterprise!

Main Pages

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Sorry, those without links are coming soon... If you have any questions about them, please feel free to emailme.

Many have what are probably extended families of my ancestors - worth a look if you have a family member with the same surname at the right time and place etc. The more people I find out I'm related to the happier I'll be! Please let me know if you find your family on the 'extra' pages, and see if we can work out a connection...

(Dates listed are a guide only to their era, dates of birth of the first of the couple born and death date of the last to die - full details on the relevant page)


Henry Burge and Frances (Lacey) Burge
Whatley Somerset 
circa 1755-1823

James Burge and Sarah (Gulley) Burge
Whatley and Frome, Somerset, and Corsley, Wiltshire, UK
(Includes South Australian line, 1841 and 1851 census info for Burge's 
in  Frome area and Burge/Burges/Burgess Frome area BMD's)

William Burge and Mary (Greenway) Burge, 
Batheaston and Frome, Somerset UK 
1805 - ?
(Includes 1841 & 51 census info for Burge's in Bath area and extensive general Burge notes.

Thomas Greenway Burge and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Burge, 
Batheaston, Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire, UK and Redbank, Victoria, Australia
1831 - 1900

William James and Elizabeth (Cook) Burge
Batheaston, Lincombe & Widcombe, Twerton, Somerset, UK

John Gulley and Agnes (Cox) Burge 
Batheaston, Lambeth, Southall, Paddington, Upton Cum Chalvey, 
Slough, UK

Albert Burge
Batheaston, Hanover Square Middlesex

William and Ellen Elizabeth (Burge) Harris 
Batheaston, Bermondsey Surrey, Hammersmith, Middlesex
(Mother of William Albert Burge)

William Albert Burge and Emily Ann (Pritchard) Burge
Westminster, Batheaston, Cheddar Somerset UK, and 
Mesopotamia, Trumbull County, Ohio USA

James Burge, Batheaston 1842-1843

James and Mary Ann (Bailey) Burge
Batheaston, Greenford, Ealing Sussex UK

David and Sarah (Burge) Morgan
Batheaston, Brecon, South Wales, Ealing Sussex UK

Mary, Henery and Frederick Burge
Batheaston 1847-1857

Rhoda Burge 
Batheaston, Weston, Bath

Samuel and Betty (Kington) Greenway
Corsham and Colerne Wiltshire
1747 - 1833

Thomas Greenway and Elizabeth (Lent) Greenway
Corsham Wiltshire
1783 - ?

William and Martha Wheeler
Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire
C. 1790-1875
(Includes 19th Cent Westbury district census details for Wheelers)

John Henry Burge and Mary Louisa (Streeter) Burge, 
Redbank, Victoria, Australia
1865 - 1953

John Alfred Lindsay Burge and Evelyn Mabel (McLean) Burge, 
Redbank, Geelong, Sydney, Castlemaine, Morwell West, Boolarra, Victoria, Australia
1920 - 1996

Valda Burge (ex Evans - divorced)
Redbank, Avoca, Castlemaine, Morwell West, 
Melbourne, Darwin, Armidale, Orange, Boolarra.

Lindsay and Alia Evans
Sydney, Armidale, Orange, Boolarra.

William Dovey and Anne (Burgess) Dovey, Chelmarsh, Shropshire
1745 - ?

John Dovey and Martha (Evans) Dovey, Chelmarsh, Shropshire

James Bentley and Anne (Walker) Bentley, Pattingham, 
Staffordshire and Albrighton, Shropshire
(Incudes extracted Parish and LDS records of Bentleys in Shropshire
and 'Parish Locator' villages near Beckbury)

George and Sarah Bentley, Albrighton, Shropshire
1776 - ?

George Bentley and Anne (Dovey) Bentley, Beckbury, Shropshire
1805 - ?

William Bentley and Mary Louisa (Wilkins) Bentley
Patshull, Staffordshire, Worfield, Shropshire, London, Geelong, 
St Arnaud, and Carlton, Victoria, Australia
1830 - 1915

John Wilkins and Mary (O'Sullivan) Wilkins, London
1802 - 1861

William Bentley and Mary Louisa (Wilkins) Bentley
Patshull, Shropshire
1830 - 1915

William Streater and Ann (Aylward) Streater
Horsham, Sussex

James Streater, London

William Streeter and Mary Streeter, 
Peckham, Camberwell, London
Abt 1803-? 

George and Jane Hampton 
Brown Candover, Hampshire
Abt 1807-?

Joseph Streeter and Louisa (Hampton) Streeter
Peckham London, Brown Candover Hants, Natte Yallock and Brunswick, Victoria

James Streeter and Elizabeth Jane (Bentley) Streeter
St Arnaud, Victoria
1853 - 1939

Joseph Streeter and Sarah Jane (Elliot) Streeter
Sandhurst, Lamplough, Natte Yallock, East Malvern Victoria

Henry Streeter and Lily (McNay) Streeter, and Lily (Fisher) Streeter
Echuca, Natte Yallock, Avoca, Bunyip Victoria

George Streeter and Clara Maria (Randall nee Albrecht) Streeter
St Arnaud, Victoria, Mannum S.A., and Natte Yallock, Stawell Victoria


Roderick McLean and Mary Ann (McLeod) McLean,
Taransay, Fort William UK and Lancefield, Victoria
1809 - 1895
(Includes all McLeans in 1841 census Harris District, Invernesshire)

Margaret McLean & George Whiteside
Taransay, Fort William, UK and Rochford, Lancefield, Victoria 

Rachel McLean & David Junor
Taransay, Fort William UK and Gisborne, Victoria 

Christina McLean
Taransay, Fort William UK and Lancefield (?) Victoria 

Catherine McLean and Walter Langdon Edwards
Taransay, Fort William UK and Lancefield, Toolamba Victoria

Finlay and Ann (Holden) McLean
Taransay, Fort William UK and Lancefield, Victoria 

Norman McLean and 1. Sarah (Kennedy) McLean
Taransay, Fort William UK and Rokewood, Geelong, Victoria
1836 - 1877

Norman McLean and 2. Lucy Jane (Silk) McLean
Taransay, Fort William UK and Lancefield, Geelong, Victoria
1836 - 1940

? Silk and Joan (Russell) Silk, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
1612 - ?

John Silk and Margaret (Blunt) Silk Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire

William Silk and Rose (Hinkin) Silk, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
1678 - 1749

Thomas Silk and Rose (Smith) Silk, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
1705 - 1784

William Silk and Elizabeth (Pant) Silk, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
1732 - 1801

James Silk and Mary (Nightingale) Silk, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
1778 - 1859

James Silk and Elizabeth (Chapman) Silk, Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire
and Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1806 - 1904

Archibald Neil John McLean and Mabel (Gear) McLean,
Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 1889 - 1984

James Gear and Sarah (Draper) Gear, Berrynarbour, Devon
1798 - ?

Benjamin and Sarah Gear Ilfracombe and Berrynarbor, Devon

James Gear and Maria (Irwin) Gear, Berrynarbor and Martin Combe, Devon, Swansea, Wales

Prudence Gear and George/John Lovering, Berrynarbor and Braunton, Devon

William Gear and Kezia (Underhill) Gear, Berrynarbour and Ilfracombe, Devon and Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 

Alexander McPherson and Mary (McDonald) McPherson
Scotland, Duneed and Mount Pollock, Victoria, Australia
Circa 1835 - ?

William Underhill Gear and Catherine (McPherson) Gear
Ilfracombe Devon, Duneed and Geelong, Victoria, Australia
1860 - 1926







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