Burge Family in Whatley

Henry and Fanny Burge

 Parish Church of St George, Whatley

Henry Burge b. circa 1755, Whatley? Somerset

Marriage:   7 June 1779, Whatley, by Banns.
Witnesses Elizabeth Burge, John Broom

Frances Lacey b. circa 1755 Whatley? Somerset 

Henry Burge was a carpenter and wheelwright, and lived in Whatley, Somerset, near Frome. He was the first I know of in a line of four generations of carpenters, and it is likely that his father before him was a carpenter as well... but time will tell that - if I'm very lucky. It's unlikely I will go back further in time than Henry, the records at Whatley church are in very poor condition for the mid 1700's and Henry's birth and parentage appear to be lost in the ravages of time. 

However, there were these Whatley Burge's marriages and baptisms in nearby Cloford. It is very likely that they were Henry's family. 

James BURGE (m) Sarah COOK both of Whatley 20 May 1742.
Mary daughter of James and Sarah BURGE of Whatley baptised 6 May 1743, Cloford.

John son of James and Sarah BURGE of Whatley baptised 27 December 1745, Cloford.

...and then a potential sister of the above James:
John LANSDOWN of Mells (m) Jane BURGE of Whatley 3 September 1747 in

A James BURGE, son of John and Mary, was baptised at Whatley in April 1720. He is very likely the same that married Sarah COOK. 

Henry's will, written on 30 August 1815, and proved on 15 July 1823, had his wife Fanny and daughters Elizabeth and Harriot as beneficiaries. No other family members were mentioned as such, although the will was witnessed by 'Samuel Burge', and the trustee of an amount of 100 pounds to be held for the benefit of Fanny, was 'James Burge, farmer, of Whatley'. I believe this James, a yeoman, to be a brother of Henry. I am in contact with his ancestors and have extensive records of his family. He and his wife Sarah and family may be seen in the 1841 census for Whatley here.

I have no idea if any of Henry and Fanny's children other than Elizabeth and Harriot (who would inherit if their mother did not outlive Henry) had survived up to 1815 - none of them being beneficiaries makes it quite possible that they did not. I'm hoping to find this out! Check back in a few months and I may know by then... It is also possible that Henry believed they were sufficiently well off to go without - or perhaps they had been disinherited! Fanny survived Henry and collected her 100 pounds as well as his other 'various goods, cattle and personal effects'. He did not leave any property. 

Their children were as follows:











Date of Baptism

7 November 1779

8 February 1783 in Frome

13 March 1785

4 November 1787 


14 April 1793 

23 December 1796

9 June 1799

23 August 1801

.The Lacey family appeared to be well-to-do, and owned considerable property in the area. 

There are a few obvious choices of possible members of this family from marriage indexes and in the 1841 census, and although I've not confirmed all of them as being 'mine' it is certainly worth putting them on here. If anyone can confirm these - please let me know! 


The marriage of Henry Burge and Hester Hobbs took place in Whatley on the 22 April 1822 - Henry's age would have been 'rounded down' to the nearest five years in the 1841 census, as below.

Whatley, FROME.
Henry Burge aged 40 Occ. Smith. b. Somerset
Hester Burge aged 35, b. Somerset
Eliza Burge aged 15 b. Somerset
Mishchik Burge (boy) aged 13 b. Somerset
Frances Burge aged 10 b. Somerset
Richard Burge aged 7 b. Somerset
Henry Burge aged 3 b. Somerset
Arthur Burge aged 1 b. Somerset


Samuel Burge married Elizabeth Barter Wise on 31 May 1827 at Nunney. 
Witnesses James Wise, Ann Seviour. 

Whatley, FROME
Samuel Burge aged 37 Cabinet Maker, b. Somerset
Elizabeth Burge aged 40. b. Somerset
(the age is normally rounded down to the nearest 5 on the 1841 census. I question the 37 for Samuel - the age *should* read 40).


An Elizabeth Burge married Joseph Noble in Whatley in 1818, she seems rather old to be marrying at that time... 'my' Elizabeth would have been 31 at the time, but she didn't appear to be married in 1815, from the wording of Henry's will, so maybe!


1841 census for Blatchbridge, FROME.
John Burge. Aged 50. Occ. Blacksmith. b. Somerset
Hester Burge. Aged 52. b. Somerset

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