Burge Family in Batheaston

Includes 1841 census for all Burge's in Bath area - as well as my 'working pages' of huge amounts of Burge info not directly related to mine (Links below), as well as the true story of a 144 year old family secret, that has been found out thanks to modern research :-)

Winter on the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal, at Widcombe, Bath.
A little chilly at the time of year the above photo was taken, but no doubt a 
suitably romantic spring stroll for young newlyweds, William and Mary, who 
were marriedin the nearby Lyncombe and Widcombe church on 18 April 1830.
(Background also Lyncombe and Widcombe, 19th Century)

William and Mary Burge and Family
Frome and Batheaston

William James Burge b. 30 November 1805, Frome, Somerset, UK. Died 14 April 1857 in Bath Union Workhouse. I don't know why the family were there and I was upset to find they were. It didn't make sense because as a carpenter, he should have always had an income. There is a history of alcoholism in the family, which could be an explanation, or perhaps he had an injury and couldn't work. I'll likely never know, because Bath Union Workhouse records were lost in WW2.. Their children Mary and Frederick also died while they were there, between at least the years they died in 1855 and 1857. It was a tragedy, with William dying less than a month after his little boy Frederick. I feel so sad for my great great grandmother..

married 18 April 1830, Lyncombe and Widcombe Parish, Bath

Mary Greenway born 21 June 1813, baptised 29 August 1813, died April 1881 in Bath.

Mary was the daughter of plasterer Thomas and Elizabeth Greenway from Batheaston. Elizabeth (nee Lent) came from Corsham, over the border in Wiltshire. Elizabeth was to be widowed and marry again to William Fellows in Batheaston, on 30 May 1830. I've not found Thomas Greenway's death date as yet, but I'm working on it! 

William Fellows was also a widower. His first marriage was to Sarah Jones in Batheaston on 2 December 1816. I'm still looking for Sarah's death as well. There was a Thomas Fellows born in Batheaston in 1818 that was possibly their son.

Willliam was the son of James and Sarah/Sally Burge from Frome and Whatley. 

Children of William and Mary Burge
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.(Dates from Batheaston Parish Baptism register, 
Somerset Death Index, FreeBDM England and Victoria, Australia BDM Register)


Thomas Greenway

William James

John Gulley


Ellen Elizabeth








Date of baptism, death if known

12 June 1831 - 23 Dec 1900

25 Nov 1834 - 1887

23 Oct 1836 - 1908

27 June 1839

21 March 1841 - 1899

9 Oct 1842 - Sept 1843

21 Oct 1843

29 March 1846

25 July 1847 - 6 June 1855

25 Nov 1849 - 1849

29 June 1851 - 20 March 1857

15 May 1853


William and Mary's family 1841 and 1851 Census 

Bath Area Census 7th June 1841
(All ages over 20 were rounded down to the nearest five in this census)

Surname Given Name Age Sex Occupation House Street Town Dist/pg

 Burge William 30 M Carpenter Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
Burge Mary 25 F Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
Burge Thomas 10 M Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
Burge William 6 M Y Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
Burge John 4 M Y Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
 Burge Albert 2 M Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
 Burge Ellen 0 F Batch Batheaston 2 / 9
***1841 Census for all Burge's in Bath areas HERE

Batheaston 1851 Census, Somerset.
H.O.   107/1943
95 Bathford Road
BURGE William 43 Carpenter Frome
Mary 38 Batheaston, Som.
John 14 Shoemaker Apprentice Batheaston, Som.
Albert 12 Errand Boy Batheaston, Som.
James 7 Scholar Batheaston, Som.
Sarah 5 Scholar Batheaston, Som.
Mary 3 Scholar Batheaston, Som.

Batheaston 1851 Census, Somerset.
H.O.   107/1943
The Street
FELLOWS William 60 Licensed Victualler Batheaston, Som.
Elizabeth 68 Corsham
BURGE Thomas Grandson 19 Carpenter Batheaston, Som.
William 16 Ag. Lab. Batheaston, Som.
Ellen 10 Scholar Batheaston, Som.


And then there's William Albert Burge, grandson to William and Mary and patriarch of the Ohio line of Burge's. The true circumstances of his birth were hidden under many layers of mystery! Many thanks to my cousin Tami, who tracked down the defining pieces of info on the true story. You're a legend Tami!! His story may be found here.

***I've collected a lot of extraneous 'stuff' about Burge's over the years - 
my 'licorice allsorts' page will be an invaluable resource for some :-)
You'll find it here

  If you have information about any of the above, I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me with any info or questions.

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