Margaret, Rachel, Christina, Catherine and Finlay McLean
Siblings of Norman McLean

Note: 'Unknown' dates for deaths apply largely because I've not go to them looking up yet, I'll get to them and put them on here soon (maybe!)


Margaret McLean b. abt 1834, d. 1915 age 80 in Footscray, Victoria
m. 1859
Robert Whiteside* d. unknown

Jane Whiteside 1861 Sp'field (?) Unknown
Jesse  Whiteside 1862 Rochford Unknown
Mary  Whiteside 1864 Rochford Unknown
George  Whiteside 1866 Lancefield 1888 Footscray
Margaret Whiteside 1869 Lancefield 1870 
Roderick McLean Whiteside
Mar. Jessie Agnes Steele 1892
son George Roderick Whiteside born Echuca 1900, died Echuca 1900
1871 'Rich' (Rochford?) Unkown

* It is worth noting for anyone who comes looking for him that Neil Whiteside McLean who married Jibella (or Sibella)
McKinnon in 1853 is NOT a direct member of this family, being from the same generation as Margaret and Robert, however,
it seems too much a coincidence to rule out a link between the two families - perhaps a relative of Margaret's and a
relative of Robert's were Neil's family? It's also significant that the name 'Neil' kept cropping up in future generations,
but there were no Neil's among Roderick and Mary's children... I'm working on it! It is likely that Sibella was the same
'Isabella McKinnon' who came to Australia in single women's quarters on board the ship Flora McDonald in 1852.

Rachel McLean b. abt 1836, d. 1904 age 65 in Gisborne, Victoria
m. 1865
David Junor b. abt 1824, d. 1893 age 69 in Kyneton Hospital, Victoria (photo below)

Donald Junor married Jesie Stewart in Lancefield 1905  17 March 1866 Lancefield 24 Sept 1958
Mary Junor married Charles Nicholas Stapleton Gisborne 1893 12 Feb 1868 Gisborne 1931
Roderick Junor married Alice Elizabeth Jane Frances Lock in Gisborne 1898, son Claude Roderick George b. 1899 d. 1902 24 April 1870 Gisborne 14 Jan 1899 Flemington (note Rod died one year after marriage, then son Claude died age 3. Poor Alice!
Rachel Junor 17 June 1872 Gisborne 8 July 1872 Gisborne
Thomas Hamilton Junor 24 Aug 1873 Gisborne 25 Jan 1846
David Riddell Junor 29 Aug 1875 Gisborne 3 April 1877 Gisborne
Maragret (sic) Louisa Junor
married George Frederick Metson in Gisborne 1915
3 June 1879 Gisborne Unknown

Lawrence of Arabia

There's quite a tale I've dug up of Rachel marrying into Lawrence of Arabia's family. David's grandfather, another David,
married David's grandmother Janet Reid. He also appears to have married and had a child with one Catherine Ross, or Rose.
Both families have this David being the son of Donald Junor born in Avoch, Ross and Cromarty in 1743. I'm not
convinced, I believe it more likely given the dates involved that the 'David' mentioned in the TE Lawrence family
is Donald's brother David, born in 1755 - if he was David son of Donald - he was a bigamist with two distinct families!

David and Catharine's son George, born 1797, (known as Junner) married a woman named Simonia Somervil Bissat Wilkes.
Their daughter Elizabeth, born 1828, was a servant in the house of Thomas and Sarah Lawrence, and had an affair,
and an illegitimate child, with their son John. Their daughter Sarah Junner, born 1861, in her turn, had an affair with one Thomas
Chapman, a wealthy landowner and Baronet. She was working as a nanny for Thomas and his wife Edith in Ireland. Thomas
installed the 'pretty blonde haired nanny' in a house in Dublin where she had a son, Montagu Robert,  in 1885. Edith found out,
but refused to give Thomas the divorce he wanted, so he left Edith and began living, posing as respectable married man, with
Sarah. The two used her father's name of 'Lawrence'. They had five children. Thomas Edward born in 1888 - later known as
Lawrence of Arabia, was the second of their five sons.

So. That makes David Junor's grandfather - or great uncle - also the great great grandfather of Lawrence of Arabia.


Left to right: Donald and David Junor, great grandsons of Donald of Avoch, TE Lawrence, gg grandson (or gg nephew!) of Donald
of Avoch. Although they're a number of times removed, there's a clear family resemblance, particularly around the
eyes, and between Ned and David, the same nose, mouth and hair - they even have the same cowlick!

Many thanks to Margaret Jones for the use of the above photo's of Donald and David.

For more information on the Junor family, see Margaret Jones excellent site here
For the story of Lawrence of Arabia's connection to the Junors, see here
TE Lawrence's family tree up to David may be found here


Christina McLean b. abt 1837, d. 1859.


Catherine McLean b. abt 1838, d. 1905 Maroopna, Victoria
m. 1855
Walter Langdon Edwards, d. unknown

Albert Edwards
Ernest Edwards
Amberena Rose Edwards
Absence Rose Edwards
Louisa Murrell Edwards
1870 'Gold'
1873 Nth Lancefield
1875 'Gold'
1877 Toolamba
1880 Toolamba
1876 Lancefield 
*Poor Amberena... but even poorer Absence!


Finlay McLean b. abt 1843, d. 1917
m. 12 April 1867
Ann Holden, d. 1918

Roderick Lewis
Mary Ann
Neal Finlay
1869 in Romsey
1872 in Lancefield
1874 in Nth Lancefield

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