The following list of Parishes are within a 
    10 Mile Radius of Worfield, P, SAL, ENG.
   Parish Name                          Type,County,Country,OsRef   Distance & Direction
   ===========                          =========================   ==================== 
   Acton Round                                   P SAL ENG SO6395   7.5 West
   Albrighton near Tong                          P SAL ENG SJ8104   6.7 North by North East
   Alveley                                       P SAL ENG SO7684   6.9 South
   Astley Abbotts                                P SAL ENG SO7096   3.2 West by North West
   Aston Eyre                                    P SAL ENG SO6594   6.2 West
   Badger                                        P SAL ENG SO7699   2.6 North by North East
   Barrow                                        P SAL ENG SJ6500   6.9 West by North West
   Beckbury, St Milburga                         P SAL ENG SJ7601   3.8 North
   Bentall                                       P SAL ENG SJ6602   7.1 North West
   Billingsley                                   P SAL ENG SO7085   6.9 South by South West
   Bonningale                                    P SAL ENG SJ8102   5.7 North East
   Boscobel                                      P SAL ENG SJ8308   9.5 North by North East
   Bridgenorth                                   P SAL ENG SO7193   2.8 West by South West
   Bridgenorth                                   R SAL ENG SO7193   2.8 West by South West
   Bridgenorth,St Leonard                        P SAL ENG SO7193   2.8 West by South West
   Bridgenorth,St Mary Magdalene                 P SAL ENG SO7193   2.8 West by South West
   Broseley                                      P SAL ENG SJ6701   6.2 North West
   Broughton                                     P SAL ENG SO8091   4.0 South East
   Buildwas                                      P SAL ENG SJ6304   9.3 North West
   Chelmarsh                                     P SAL ENG SO7287   5.3 South by South West
   Chetton                                       P SAL ENG SO6690   6.4 West by South West
   Claverley                                     P SAL ENG SO7993   2.8 East by South East
   Cleobury North                                P SAL ENG SO6286   9.8 South West
   Codsall                                       P STS ENG SJ8703   9.0 East by North East
   Dawley Magna                                  P SAL ENG SJ6808   9.2 North by North West
   Deuxhill                                      P SAL ENG SO6987   6.2 South West
   Donington                                     P SAL ENG SJ8104   6.7 North by North East
   Enville                                       P STS ENG SO8286   7.1 South East
   Glazeley                                      P SAL ENG SO7088   5.3 South West
   Highley                                       P SAL ENG SO7483   7.5 South
   Himley                                        P STS ENG SO8791   7.9 East by South East
   Kemberton                                     P SAL ENG SJ7304   5.7 North by North West
   Kingswinford                                  P STS ENG SO8888   9.2 East by South East
   Kinlet                                        P SAL ENG SO7180   9.6 South by South West
   Kinver                                        P STS ENG SO8483   9.3 South East
   Little Wenlock                                P SAL ENG SJ6406   9.7 North West
   Madeley                                       R SAL ENG SJ6904   6.7 North by North West
   Madeley                                       P SAL ENG SJ6904   6.7 North by North West
   Middleton Scriven                             P SAL ENG SO6887   6.6 South West
   Monkhopton                                    P SAL ENG SO6293   8.2 West
   Morville                                      P SAL ENG SO6694   5.6 West
   Much Wenlock                                  P SAL ENG SO6299   8.4 West by North West
   Neenton                                       P SAL ENG SO6387   9.0 West by South West
   Oldbury                                       P SAL ENG SO7091   4.0 South West
   Patshull                                      P STS ENG SJ8000   4.4 North East
   Pattingham                                    P STS ENG SO8299   5.0 East by North East
   Penn                                          P STS ENG SO8996   8.7 East
   Posenhall                                     P SAL ENG SJ6501   7.2 West by North West
   Priors Lee                                    P SAL ENG SJ7110   9.6 North by North West
   Quatford                                      P SAL ENG SO7390   3.3 South by South West
   Quatt                                         P SAL ENG SO7588   4.3 South
   Romsley                                       P SAL ENG SO7882   8.3 South by South East
   Rudge                                         P SAL ENG SO8197   3.9 East by North East
   Ryton                                         P SAL ENG SJ7602   4.4 North
   Sedgley                                       P STS ENG SO9194  10.0 East
   Shifnal                                       P SAL ENG SJ7407   7.5 North
   Shifnal                                       R SAL ENG SJ7407   7.5 North
   Sidbury                                       P SAL ENG SO6885   7.6 South West
   Stirchley                                     P SAL ENG SJ7006   7.5 North by North West
   Stockton                                      P SAL ENG SO7299   3.1 North West
   Stottesden                                    P SAL ENG SO6782   9.5 South by South West
   Sutton Maddock                                P SAL ENG SJ7201   4.2 North by North West
   Tasley                                        P SAL ENG SO6994   3.8 West
   Tettenhall-Regis                              P STS ENG SJ8800   8.6 East by North East
   Tong                                          P SAL ENG SJ7907   7.9 North by North East
   Trysull                                       P STS ENG SO8594   6.2 East
   Upper Arley                                   P STS ENG SO7680   9.3 South
   Upton Cressett                                P SAL ENG SO6592   6.5 West by South West
   Weston under Lizard                           P STS ENG SJ8010   9.8 North by North East
   Willey                                        P SAL ENG SO6799   5.6 West by North West
   Wombourne                                     P STS ENG SO8792   7.7 East by South East
   Woodford Grange                               P STS ENG SO8694   6.9 East
   Worfield                                      P SAL ENG SO7595   0.0  

Compiled using Gerry Lawson's brilliant tool "Parish Locator" which I would recommend to anyone researching family in Britain. It's available for download free here.